What a day

Day 1 & 2 recap



I thought Day 1 was going to be hard…

And it was, because of a 5:00 am wake up to make it for a 6:30 weigh in (which would have been enough to leave me exhausted for the whole week)…then from the radio studio to BFF’s house to get Cooper, then drive across town, drop him at daycare, and then back to the office. All before 8:30am. Phew.

My first workout was at noon (on my lunch break from work), which entailed a warm up that made my legs so jelly they stopped working correctly. I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish. But, with a little encouragement from my trainer and some motivation from a pesky billboard bet, I survived countless lunges/squats/burpees/etc.

My diet was okay. Full disclosure: I wasn’t incredibly prepared for the week and didn’t grocery shop, so I ate Chick-fil-a for lunch… But I opted for grilled nuggets and kale, which wasn’t a total departure. Thankfully, my amazing BFF helped me out with dinner plans and made a nutritious and delicious soup, which made it easy to stick to my clean diet.

Quite honestly, I was too tired most of the day to even consider being hungry but I know that I didn’t fuel myself enough because I was so drained. I hit my bed at 9:00pm and didn’t look back.


Day 2 was brutal.

I’m not sure exactly what it was, but day 2 had me questioning the longevity of this endeavor.

Early on I made an attempt to eat more, and better, since I seemed to run out of energy the day before- which was a good call. My lunchtime workout was, once again, full of lunges and squats and things that I didn’t think my body was capable of… but I did it! Later that day, however, I could barely walk the steps up to Coop’s daycare. My body was tired.

And everything else was tired, too. By the time I got home I was tired & hangry with a demanding four year old and an empty refrigerator. I had a moment. After the moment, I gathered myself (with the encouragement of aforementioned BFF), went to the grocery store, and put together a quick and easy meal of sweet potatoes, broccoli and chicken, all baked together on the same pan in the same oven. Voila!

After the toddler bedtime routine I treated myself to a nice Epsom salt bath. My muscles are really really struggling. I keep having to remind myself that I knew this would happen. I remember this feeling. Once upon a time way back when I was an athlete this feeling was an every day occurrence and I loved it! I need to find that place again… Maybe tomorrow.


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