Workout Recap: Week 1

This week was hard. Really hard. But not for the reasons I expected. I definitely had the workouts that made my legs scream at me to stop, I had the soreness that makes it hard to walk, sit, sleep. I struggled with making clean eating choices over convenient. All these things were expected, though, and I was prepared. That part was all doable and ok. I actually kinda like the pain of a tough workout and the soreness you earn from it.

What made this week SO hard was regular life… Going from the workouts leaving my legs jelly straight to work where I had to sit for the remaining four hours of the day to let my legs stiffen up. Walking up the stairs to Cooper’s daycare. Coop wanting me to hold him when I didn’t think my arms could physically bare the weight of a 35 year old little boy (still did it though). Walking the dog. Coming home to do laundry, clean up, grocery shop, meal plan. ALL of these things suffered this week. Majorly.

I think part of this journey is finding the balance in all of it. I basically failed in the balance department on Week 1, but I’m still going. Starting today with a Sunday meal-prep followed by a Monday rest day.

Now lets talk about those workouts:

Monday: Rest


Inchworm push ups x 10
50 yards of lunge-lunge-squat
Bench jump over w/hands on the bench x 15 (each side)
      Times three

20, 20lb med ball slams
Battle Rope x 30sec, run 30 yards
Burpees x10, run 30 yards
      Times three


50 yards of lunge-lunge-squat jump
20 squat jumps (holding suspension strap thingys)
15 each arm push press
     Times three

20, 20lb med ball slams
20, 20lb kettle bell swings
10 frog jump push ups
Run (appx) a quarter of a mile.
     Times three


Cardio Agility at The Forum in Atlanta.

This class was the hardest group workout I have ever taken- I highly recommend it. You can use your class pass too! It’s every Thursday at 6:00pm at the Lenox location.


Dumbell arms, 15 reps each: bench press, push press, curls, lateral raises
50 yards of squat jumps
Ab roller, 15 reps
     Times three

Tricep work on the cable machine, 30 sec each: tricep push down, overhead extension, single arm work
25 yards of lunge-lunge-burpee
25 yards of squat jump
     Times three


This was my first day working out solo! My lovely friend Bridget met me and Coop at a park for some circuit work. I’m pretty thankful for her because I never would have pushed myself so hard without her being there! I’m proud that I got a good workout in on this day… we killed it. Over 2.5 miles run, pushups, jump rope, ladders, lunges, squats, etc.


Light (read: slow) run, 3 miles

P90x workout (at home, after Coop goes to sleep- these suck but they’re good when you don’t have many options)


Phew. What a week. I’m thankful for friends that worked out with me this week. Next week I will hopefully not be quite as sore and I’m going to try to work in more workouts with friends, including two-a-days. Crazy, I know.


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