First weigh-in

The Monday-est of Mondays


So the first weigh-in happened. On a Monday. At 6:30am. The day after the devastating Super Bowl. I don’t want to talk about that part.

I also don’t want to talk about the weigh-in part, but hence the title of this blog, that’s why we’re here.

It DEFINITELY didn’t go as planned. And it was totally all my fault. As I said, I had weighed myself on Friday… and I had lost 9 pounds. NINE POUNDS. I was so super pumped. I think I must have gotten a little bit cocky.

Anyways, the rest of me weekend went a little like this:

Friday: Aforementioned weigh-in “WOOHOO!” (did a good workout with AB but skimped on my extra cardio)… Mistake #1.
Saturday: Was on my own. Did not work out. Relieved some of that day’s family  stress to the tune of half a bottle of wine… Mistake  #2
Sunday: Started the day with a Crossfit class (hurt my neck doing snatches that I wasn’t ready for, mistake #3)… and then… well, you know. The Super Bowl happened. As did all the rest of the mistakes that anyone on a healthy, balanced diet could make. And it was tragic and I was all “yolo!” and ate my feelings (first excitement, then depression). It started with beer and swiftly went downhill from there…I’m talking cookie cake, rice crispy treats, cheese dip… it wasn’t good.

And that’s the story of how you can gain 6 pounds back in three days. Cause that’s what I did. On my weigh in on Monday morning I was only 3 pounds down and felt like I had just lost a semifinal match that I didn’t even deserve to be in to begin with.

BUT. That’s life. That’s part of it. And it’s actually a big part of this learning process. I’ve really got to be able to find balance in being able to be around friends and be in different, sometimes stressful, situations and not go overboard. It was a wakeup call.


And now I’ve got to work that much harder this week to catch back up, which is exactly what I’ve been doing. I’ve taken the setback of Sunday and Monday and channeled it into some awesome workouts and motivated meal-planning. Here’s to another week!

P.S. I’m still proud of my Falcons #riseup

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