Another week of workouts

A week of two a days and pain.



AM: Personal training with AB

Treadmill @ 6% Incline:
1 minute at 5mph
1 minute at 6mph
1 minute at 7mph
rest 1:30
repeat x3

Push Press x 60
Burpees x 40

Treadmill (one round of above 6% incline 3 min workout)

Squats x 60
Push ups x 40

Treadmill (one round of above 6% incline 3 min workout)

Frog Hops x 60
Bicep Curls x 40

Treadmill (one round of above 6% incline 3 min workout)
End with abs!

PM: Run 3 miles


AM: A4 class at the Forum with AB this class is SO tough

PM: REMIX class at the Daily ATL. I used Classpass and took a class at a local gym- this place is literally the cutest gym I’ve ever been to- I wish my house looked like this place does. And the class was a mega cardio/burn session. Highly recommend!


AM: Personal Training with AB

Run 1 mile (I did it kinda slow, so in 10:00 mins)

Abs Abs Abs. With the bench laid back and me holding myself up at a 45 degree angle I’m sure there are official gym terms for this shit… I did 20 reps of each:

Alternating dumbbell bench press
Bicep Curls
Russian Twists
50 yards of lunge-lunge-jump squat-jump squat
Times 3

Then I did a really awesome and cool boxing workout with AB.

PM: HIIT Interval training with the enemy (lol). Cara, a fellow contestant, works out at a gym right up the street from me so I joined her for a class- It was SO hard and fun to work out with her & her trainer (& Brian Moote!)


AM: A lovely yoga class at my local YMCA (these memberships are GOLD, fyi. Included childcare while you work out! #gamechanger)

PM: Cardio Agility at the Forum. Burpees. Sprints. Burpees. Frog Hops. Etc. Repeat. 


Personal Training with AB

Run 1 mile

30 yards of lunges.
20 jump squats
10 burpees
15 tricep push-downs
repeat x 3

Row for 1:30
15 20lb ball slams
repeat x 4

6- 25 yard sprints carrying 10 lb weight
12 roll outs
60 second climb intervals on Jacob’s Ladder
repeat x 2

Abs. abs. abs.


Fast Twitch at the Forum (this class is okay… it’s basically like you move around the room doing 60 seconds of one exercise times 60)


Run 1.5 miles.
Hill sprints x 10
Run .5 miles.





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