A Recap and an Update

Let’s talk about putting things off.


Let’s talk about putting things off.

Like eating right. Or exercising. Or blogging.

It always starts with missing one opportunity to keep up. It probably wasn’t intentional or even your fault. Life gets in the way. Then it gets in the way again. And then you know you should hop back on the wagon of eating right or exercising or blogging regularly, but you kind of dread it now and also have some guilt about how many times you’ve missed doing what you should be doing. You file it away in the back of your mind. Before you know it, you haven’t blogged for weeks and nobody knows what’s going on.

Luckily, in this moment, I’m only talking about blogging… Cause I’ve been working my ass off. Literally.


So I’ve had three weigh-ins now and only two weeks left in this competition!

The first one was two weeks in and, well, I wasn’t really doing that great for a number of reasons. I lost 3 pounds and got the motivation I needed to push me the following couple of weeks.

Two weeks later (halfway point) I had lost an additional 10 pounds which was incredible. It was due to two-a-days, a crazy amount of protein, and a lot of hard work.

Three weeks later (today) I then lost another seven pounds. I’m a total of 20 pounds lost and in a very close second place. I feel pretty good about this time’s seven pounds because, quite honestly, I’ve been a bit more lax- a vacation, a move, and a handful of dates saw me break my strict form (but in a balanced way). An example of balance: a fun run (aka boozy party).

Eight weeks is a long stretch to keep focused. There’s only two weeks to go to the finish line and I’m ready to really bare down and finish strong.

AB is definitely upping his game as we near the finish line as well… Here’s a little example of a workout I did last week:

10 weights exercises (dumbbell push press, leg press, dumbbell curls, dumbbell flies, lateral raises, dead lifts, hamstring curls, etc) and in-between each exercise I did 15 burpees and 15 ball slams…

… for those of you who don’t math, that’s 150 burpees and 150 ball slams. Yea.

In other news I have muscles. Like real muscles in my arms. I almost can see abs poking out (!!!), and I feel freaking great. My skin is great, my energy level is high, and I’m really enjoying my workouts.

Time to bring it in to the home stretch!


Another week of workouts

A week of two a days and pain.


AM: Personal training with AB

Treadmill @ 6% Incline:
1 minute at 5mph
1 minute at 6mph
1 minute at 7mph
rest 1:30
repeat x3

Push Press x 60
Burpees x 40

Treadmill (one round of above 6% incline 3 min workout)

Squats x 60
Push ups x 40

Treadmill (one round of above 6% incline 3 min workout)

Frog Hops x 60
Bicep Curls x 40

Treadmill (one round of above 6% incline 3 min workout)
End with abs!

PM: Run 3 miles


AM: A4 class at the Forum with AB this class is SO tough

PM: REMIX class at the Daily ATL. I used Classpass and took a class at a local gym- this place is literally the cutest gym I’ve ever been to- I wish my house looked like this place does. And the class was a mega cardio/burn session. Highly recommend!


AM: Personal Training with AB

Run 1 mile (I did it kinda slow, so in 10:00 mins)

Abs Abs Abs. With the bench laid back and me holding myself up at a 45 degree angle I’m sure there are official gym terms for this shit… I did 20 reps of each:

Alternating dumbbell bench press
Bicep Curls
Russian Twists
50 yards of lunge-lunge-jump squat-jump squat
Times 3

Then I did a really awesome and cool boxing workout with AB.

PM: HIIT Interval training with the enemy (lol). Cara, a fellow contestant, works out at a gym right up the street from me so I joined her for a class- It was SO hard and fun to work out with her & her trainer (& Brian Moote!)


AM: A lovely yoga class at my local YMCA (these memberships are GOLD, fyi. Included childcare while you work out! #gamechanger)

PM: Cardio Agility at the Forum. Burpees. Sprints. Burpees. Frog Hops. Etc. Repeat. 


Personal Training with AB

Run 1 mile

30 yards of lunges.
20 jump squats
10 burpees
15 tricep push-downs
repeat x 3

Row for 1:30
15 20lb ball slams
repeat x 4

6- 25 yard sprints carrying 10 lb weight
12 roll outs
60 second climb intervals on Jacob’s Ladder
repeat x 2

Abs. abs. abs.


Fast Twitch at the Forum (this class is okay… it’s basically like you move around the room doing 60 seconds of one exercise times 60)


Run 1.5 miles.
Hill sprints x 10
Run .5 miles.






Going into this I knew it would be a real struggle physically, but I was ready for it. The hardest part of it all, as I have said, is the rest of life. I couldn’t figure out how to balance being a mom, working full time, feeding myself (healthily), and also a 100% increase in physical activity. I still haven’t figured that out. Last week was REALLY tough, but I’m happy to report that this week I have really gotten into the groove of it all.

This week has been better partially because I’m not as sore and my body is getting used to the increased activity, and also because I was more prepared for my meals, but mostly because my mom is here helping me with Cooper J It feels so nice to have a little break…And it’s only been a week. Ya’ll-big props to all the single moms out there makin’ it work and fitting in the gym because this shit is hard. I mean it was hard already, but adding in the “me time” into my already full schedule has got me all kinds of frazzled.

SO… Since the week is all fine and dandy and such, I’m throwing a wrench in it and starting to truly do two-a-days! The workouts with AB have been pretty tough in a lunge-burpee-squat kind of way, so I’m incorporating a second cardio workout into the routine (spin class, running, yoga) just to mix it up and keep my body working. Wish me luck. (Today I’ve already done spin and I have personal training on my lunch break).

In other news, I weighed myself for the first time… and it was freakin’ awesomely motivating. I’m not going to spill the beans on here because we have our first weigh in (on air!) on Monday at 7:00am, so tune in to The Bert Show!

Also, wish me luck not blowing all my hard work on Super Bowl festivities this weekend. #riseup


Let’s just be clear

Laying it all out from the get-go.

I don’t hate my body. I am not depressed or shameful of what I look like. I actually really love my body. I have been on a 29-year-long self love journey of ups and downs to get to the point where I really and truly do accept this body of mine, which makes this part of the journey even more important and exciting.

I’m in a place where I feel acutely aware of what my body does, how it works, and, most importantly, what it’s capable of. My reasons for signing up for this are focused around the knowledge that my body is not where it can be for me.

I have been fit. I’ve been super fit. I’ve gotten unfit and fit again. I’ve exercised and dieted and eaten clean and eaten (very) not clean and done all of it for the right reasons and for the wrong reasons.

What I really am ready for, and what I hope to get out of this challenge besides not ending up on a billboard naked, is to combine all of this history of ups and downs and goods and bads, and get into a steady and happy and focused lifestyle that I know I’m not far from.

And I can’t wait.


Pictured: Me being happy with ice cream