Going into this I knew it would be a real struggle physically, but I was ready for it. The hardest part of it all, as I have said, is the rest of life. I couldn’t figure out how to balance being a mom, working full time, feeding myself (healthily), and also a 100% increase in physical activity. I still haven’t figured that out. Last week was REALLY tough, but I’m happy to report that this week I have really gotten into the groove of it all.

This week has been better partially because I’m not as sore and my body is getting used to the increased activity, and also because I was more prepared for my meals, but mostly because my mom is here helping me with Cooper J It feels so nice to have a little break…And it’s only been a week. Ya’ll-big props to all the single moms out there makin’ it work and fitting in the gym because this shit is hard. I mean it was hard already, but adding in the “me time” into my already full schedule has got me all kinds of frazzled.

SO… Since the week is all fine and dandy and such, I’m throwing a wrench in it and starting to truly do two-a-days! The workouts with AB have been pretty tough in a lunge-burpee-squat kind of way, so I’m incorporating a second cardio workout into the routine (spin class, running, yoga) just to mix it up and keep my body working. Wish me luck. (Today I’ve already done spin and I have personal training on my lunch break).

In other news, I weighed myself for the first time… and it was freakin’ awesomely motivating. I’m not going to spill the beans on here because we have our first weigh in (on air!) on Monday at 7:00am, so tune in to The Bert Show!

Also, wish me luck not blowing all my hard work on Super Bowl festivities this weekend. #riseup



What else would a Millenial do?

Possibly gettin’ naked on a billboard.

I have this tendency to do a certain kind of thing.

It’s in the name of “I do what I want,” and/or “YOLO,” or … “Whatever.” Ya know?

It’s not that anything I do like this is ever necessarily a bad idea or completely crazy, but there’s always a slight chance for complete disaster.

Monday afternoon, Bert from The Bert Show called me to tell me that he had chosen me to be his contestant for the challenge “Motivation by Humiliation.” Basically, all the hosts choose one listener to represent them in a fitness and weight loss competition and the loser’s host ends up on a Billboard in downtown Atl. Naked.

holy crap what did I get myself into.

That was my initial reaction. But also a whole lot of “HOLY SHIT THAT’S AWESOME!”

I’m really excited to take part in it. I get a freakin’ ripped (hot) trainer, A.B., who is going to look out for me and do his best to make sure Bert and I don’t lose, it’s going to be a fun journey (and this is the kind of stuff that really motivates me), and hopefully in the end I’ll have a hot body going into my 30th year on this planet. I’m also secretly plotting ways to make the Bert Show cast my BFFs…

Anywho, are you guys ready for the kicker?

I’m 99% sure that the reason I was chosen is because I offered myself up to join in on the losing host’s misery if I should fail them. That’s right. If I lose, I get naked. On a billboard. With Bert. It’s gonna be all kinds of awkward and weird and also funny but probably not in a good way for me.

So that’s it. That’s the latest snafu that I’m stirred up in. I’m going to document and lament and laugh and probably cry, and since it’s already pretty public being on a radio show and all, I figure I should also probably share it all in blog form. What else would a millennial do?